Adamsdown is an inner city area of Cardiff, on the east side of town, stretching roughly from Cardiff prison to the Royal Oak pub, between Newport Road and the Cardiff-London rail line.

Most of the streets referred to on This is the Sound of Adamsdown can be found on this map: a few places of interest from the songs have beeen marked up:

1   Ruby Street (from Ruby Street): residential street coming off the main shopping street (Clifton Street) – also site of Rubicon Dance.

2   Cemetery Park (from Electric Storm):  Urban play area built on site of old town cemetery,  previously site of the Hut, children’s play centre.

3   Nanak Darbar Bhat Sikh Temple (from Radio Singh).

4   Site of the old dairy (from White Socks, Shiny Shoes).

5   Site of the old cattle market and slaughterhouse (from Adamsdown Song)

6   The Black Bridge (from Adamsdown Song): Celebrated railway footbridge joining Adamsdown and Splott.

7   Stacey Road (from Adamsdown Song).  Stacey Rd School, at the far end of this road, was where Cardiff City cup-winning captain Fred Keenor went to school.  Mastermind’s John Humphreys too.


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