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The official launch of This is the Sound of Adamsdown will take place on Friday 2nd March, 7pm, at Hungry Planet on Clifton Street. We’re hoping to have a few live performances and refreshments will be available.

Following the launch we’ll be organising a full-on promotion to ensure this fantastic CD gets the audience it deserves and puts Adamsdown, Cardiff on the map – just as Adamsdown Song received fan messages from all over the world.

Anyone wanting to review the album is welcome to pick one up at the launch. All performers, their friends and families, as well as anyone from the media interested in the CD, or indeed anyone interested in promoting it or getting involved in any way, are welcome to attend.

We’re particularly interested in meeting anyone interested in making videos of the songs, or shops and stalls interested in selling it. Shops keep £2 of the £5 selling price and can get the CD sale or return.

All profits from the CD will go to a fund for future creative projects in Adamsdown.

This is the Sound of Adamsdown is already for sale at Hungry Planet and is now available for download at Amazon.

Keep spreading the word! Mentions and links on social media are invaluable.