The singers

Tracey Johnson

Adamsdown resident and member of the Community Choir.

Jon Blake

Resident of Adamsdown 1990-2009. Writer and part-time lecturer in creative writing. Involved in many community arts projects.

Surinder (Sid) Singh

Brought up in Adamsdown. Previously managed the Mr Garib shop on Clifton Street.
Now a PCSO.

Dominique Fester

Performer and teacher. Studied at Rubicon Dance, Adamsdown, 2008-9.
Adamsdown resident since 2010.

Steve Wride

Resident of Adamsdown since 2000. Community learning difficulties nurse and occasional actor with Blackwood Little Theatre.

Liz Taylor

Lives and works in Adamsdown. Member of the Community Choir.

Den Tiley

Resident of Adamsdown (twice, most recently from 2010). Now the former manager of Save The Children – since the project about to return to gigging!

Cheryl Johnson

Resident of Adamsdown. Member of community choir.

Adamsdown Community Choir

Over 25 members from Adamsdown and the nearby area, meeting at the Adamsdown Community Project. At least fifteen sing on ‘Adamsdown Song”

Linette Johnson

Born Jamaica. Social and community worker. Drawn into project ten minutes after arriving for the first time at Adamsdown Community Choir!

Renee Brady

Brought up in Adamsdown where many of her family still live.


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